6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn During the Summer

Besides a creative landscaping design, you also need to maintain your yard often to make sure that it remains healthy and lush throughout the year. Summer months can be harsh to your lawn because they offer warm days, and everyone wants to stay outside for a long time. As such, you need to do more lawn maintenance than other times. These tips will help you to have a healthy lawn during the summer months.

Mowing your lawn
Healthy yards are not necessarily short. Notably, the length of the grass plays an integral role in maintaining your yard healthy and keeping the soil productive. Tallgrass obtains more light than short grass when the sun is at its peak and turns it into energy and nutrients. Therefore, it is wise to avoid mowing your lawn too short during the summer months. The grass should not be less than three inches.

Make your mulch
You should preserve the grass clippings after mowing. You can use them to mulch your lawn so that you maintain water and avoid evaporation due to the warm weather during the summer months. Mulch traps moisture and keeps the grass healthier than before. Additionally, the mulch decomposes and becomes a natural fertilizer.

You need to reseed any parts of your yard that are not growing as they should. However, you have to be more patient than before when reseeding to maintain a healthy lawn. When you reseed your yard and water it well, you will notice an improvement, mainly because the summer months present a lot of sunshine.

Fertilization is essential in maintaining a healthy lawn in preparation for the summer. You should consider fertilizing your yard the start of the spring months and at the end of the fall months. Most organic fertilizers that are used during the spring season enable the soil to get ready with the required amount of nutrients necessary for the grass to grow even during the hot months.

An essential tip for maintaining a healthy yard during the hot months is to water right. Unfortunately, most people over water their yards because of the misconception that their lawns require more water than during the cold months. You should water your grass at least one inch of water per week. Also, make sure that you don’t make the mistake of watering during the day. It is best to water early in the morning or late in the evening.

Give your lawn time to recover
It is not wise to mow your grass in the middle of the day. It can cause brown patches. You should mow in the evening so that the grass blades gen enough time to recover overnight before they get hit by intense sun and heat.

Everyone wants to relax outside during the summer months, and lawns are perfect for that. As such, you need to use these tips to maintain a healthy yard. You can consult a lawn care expert for professional help.

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