How Technology Has Changed the Construction Industry

If you look at most industries today, technology has disrupted them. Take the transport industry; taxis have been replaced by vehicle owners that can be contacted through an application. Another good example is the hospitality industry. There is a site that allows home owners to rent out their homes for a short period of time to guests or tourists. Interestingly, the construction industry has not been left behind.

How Technology has influenced the Construction Industry

1. 3D computer Generated Models

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to see the blueprints to know how your building is going to look like after it’s completed. There is special software that allows the architect to generate a 3-D computer-generated model of the final construction. The good thing about the 3-D model is that it gives you an accurate picture of how your house is going to look like.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Drones

Most high profile construction projects include a camera person that goes around the entire site, taking pictures of the work progress. If you are using one or two person, this procedure can take quite long. This is why there are high-resolution time-lapse automatic image capturing cameras used for such work. With this technology, you simply place the camera on a raised platform, overlooking the entire site. The camera uses artificial intelligence to capture panoramic images of the entire site in one day.

Another important technology that’s used at the site is drones. You can use these machines to get a proper aerial view of the site and monitor the progress of the construction work.

3. Reporting Software

Nowadays, construction workers can sign into a site using their smart phones. This is because there’s special management software to help the management keep track of things from anywhere. The workers can also report if anything is missing using the system. This makes record keeping easier and improves the general work flow.

4. GPS Technology

Instead of using the traditional survey equipment, nowadays, surveyors can use state-of-the-art GPS devices to get an accurate the description of the site: from the soil’s chemical composition to the appropriate depth for a foundation. The device also provides an accurate measurement of total surface area covered by the site. This helps speed up the construction process and allows work to begin as soon as possible.

The above are some of the ways in which technology has influenced the construction industry. With some of the technologies being relatively new, we have not yet seen the full extent of this phenomenon. Professionals in the field are better off familiarizing themselves with the latest trends in technology if they don’t want to be surprised by the upcoming changes.

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