3 Tips for Improving Your Antenna Reception

As the development of technology continues to grow, old technologies such as the TV antenna are making a strong comeback. Innovation in broadcasting has allowed antennas to capture much more than the three channels we’ve been accustomed to. However, the installation of these antennas that can produce a strong signal continue to be a frustrating issue with customers, therefore we’ve compiled our top three tips to improving your antenna’s reception.

Tip #1: Know Your Antenna’s Signal Strength

Locating your broadcast towers is ideally the first thing one should do before even buying your antenna let alone attempting to install it. The reason for this is because all antennas are not created equal with all having a variety of signal strengths. Therefore, if you are located very close to a broadcast tower you may be able to save money by simply purchasing a standard antenna. Purchasing a weak signal antenna will no doubt leave you television in the dark.

Tip #2: Stay Away From Metal

Often the issue with antennas is not the quality of the antenna itself or the location but what is around the antenna itself. Therefore, it is paramount that you make sure to keep your antenna away from any Metallic surfaces as they can no doubt cause interference and or lose your signal entirely. One common mistake people tend to do is place their antenna on a window that has burglar bars or other metal surrounding the window, this can, of course, affect the effectiveness of the signal. Another common mistake is placing your antenna in an attic. Sure, the higher up you go the better, but keep in mind that your home, especially the roof is surrounded by metal.

Tip: 3 Fewer Obstacles, Better Signal

Although radio waves can go through almost any solid object, the addition of these solid objects can greatly affect the effectiveness of the signal strength. Therefore, we highly advise placing your antenna not only somewhere high but on or near a window. This allows the antenna to have the least amount of obstacles that it has to go through. Other obstacles to keep in mind are large objects outside your windows such as large trees, RVs and other homes.

Modern technology has certainly improved the way we watch television, both in a more efficient and cost-effective way. We hope that these tips have helped you get the best out of your antenna experience. To learn more about how to improve your antenna’s signal strength, instructions direct from the manufacturer can be found within the package.

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