4 Benefits to Purchasing Health and Beauty Products in Bulk

Shopping in bulk is widely regarded as the best and most cost-effective way to get your groceries. There’s a whole industry built around the ability to purchase two months worth of Easy Mac for one low, low price. There are even blogs and how-to’s to help you maximize your time and savings, Extreme Coupon style! But what you may not know is that the benefits of bulk shopping don’t just apply to food items. Here are four reasons you should be buying your health and beauty products by the crate:

1. Money, money, money. 

Personal grooming productsespecially ones marketed at women, are some of the most expensive things on your shopping list. If you’re someone who needs fancy razors and shower gels, then you’re probably used to paying out the nose for them. But if you can consolidate those items into big purchases that only occur a couple times each year, just think how much smaller your monthly grocery bill will be!

2. You’re well stocked in case of emergency. 

Anyone who lives in an area where natural disasters occur will know by now the importance of being prepared. The advice to have plenty of bottled water and canned goods is often repeated, but while those things are important, they’re not the only things you’ll need. Can you imagine being snowed in, with at least a two-day wait for someone to come and plow your street and release you from your house, and discovering that you’re down to your last roll of toilet paper? Or boarding yourself into your home to wait out a hurricane, hunkering down for the long haul, and realizing that you’re out of toothpaste? It’s a non-essential item that may’ve been left off all the checklists, but if you’ve been buying in bulk, then you’ve probably got it covered!

3. “Limited edition” products can be used all year long! 

Every year, companies compete to see who has the best “holiday” product. While some are clearly gimmicks, others are actually good! If you’ve ever fallen in love with, say, a peppermint-scented body scrub, only to run out mid-February, then you know the pain of waiting all year round for your favorite product to come back into stock. But if you stock up yourself, you never have to wait!

4. Easy stocking stuffers are always on hand. 

Nothing says, “I’m thinking of you” than a gift the recipient can use to pamper themselves. If you need a last-minute gift but you’re running out of time and ideas, the solution might be waiting in your bathroom closet! A tube of high-end lotion or a bath bomb makes perfect gifts for any woman, while men will appreciate a nice bouquet of aftershave or a fresh new razor.

Bulk shopping takes the weekly hassle out of buying groceries, letting you plow through the chore in a few well-choreographed trips. For health and beauty products, the benefits extend far beyond easy meal prepping. While there are many ways to cook a dinner, and many items you can use, the only thing you can use to wash your hair is shampoo! It never hurts to have a little extra on hand, and your wallet will definitely agree.

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