4 Clever Ways to Pack Up Your Family’s DVD Collection

When you’re moving house, your DVDs can get pretty banged up unless you know how to pack them up. In theory, this isn’t too difficult, but there are some things to think about in order to protect them. If you’re about ready to pack up your DVDs for a move, then why not try one (or all) of these clever ideas.

1. DVDs Without Cases

You may be fretting because you realize that many of your DVDs no longer have their original cases. However, this doesn’t have to be an issue. Wrap the “extra” DVDs in plastic bubblewrap to keep them from being scratched up and banged up. Or you can get a CD/ DVD carrying case. This allows you to slide your discs into plastic pockets and carry them in a protective “book.” Put these caseless DVDs on the top of your DVD box. Add a layer of thick foam on the top to protect them.

2. DVDs With Cases

You’ll want to get a sturdy enough box to hold your DVDs and CDs in. A grocery store fruit box would actually be ideal. These tend to have thicker sides, which would protect your discs from getting banged up in transport. These boxes also have a wax coating (sometimes), which will give your discs a bit of a protection should water get on the box.

Place the DVDs in the bottom of the box, standing upright. You don’t want to lay them flat. Do this until you have rows and rows of DVDs. (If you could cut a cross-section in the box, the spines of the DVDs would look a bit like the spines of books on shelves). Place thick packing foam at each end to cushion the DVDs and to keep them snuggly in place. Label the box as “breakable” or “fragile.”

3. In the Cloud

An article on the PC World website reminds readers that their DVDs may be unplayable eventually, due to the changes in technology. There may actually come a time when you can’t play a DVD because the player itself is no longer made.

That’s why it’s a good idea to store them on the cloud. Once you rip the data from the disc, you can convert it into a format that’s cloud-friendly. After that, you need only play it on a computer or tablet that plays that digital movie/ music format.

4. Don’t Pack Them At All

This isn’t meant to be a head-scratcher. Most people tend to have more stuff than they ever use. Packing up and moving house is stressful, and it’s very often during that time that you discover you have too much stuff. Your DVDs are no exception. If there are just some movies in your collection you can’t imagine ever watching again, get rid of them. Have a tag sale, give them away, or pawn them for some extra money. Your back and your sanity will thank you for it later.

Packing up your DVDs for your move can be a simple task. It’s really a matter of getting rid of the ones you no longer watch and then using some solid packing techniques for the rest of them. And if all else fails, rip the contents off the DVDs and store your movies on the cloud: Your movies will always be playable and you’ll never have to worry about packing them up again.

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