4 Common Pest Control Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Although seeing an unwelcome insect or rodent indoors inspires panic in even the most steadfast homeowner, eliminating unwelcome guests often requires a long-term, multifaceted approach. Use this guide to find begin planning a flawless pest control strategy.

Incorrect Pest Identification

Incorrectly  identifying pests is a costly mistake that often leads to using the wrong treatment methods and a more severe infestation. Several options are available to help you identify insects. For instance, using sticky traps is a simple way to identify more elusive pests, such as spiders.

After catching the insect on a sticky trap, you can learn more about it by contacting a local resource like the county extension office or a local pest control company. Pest control companies also offer inspection services if you can’t catch the pest for a proper identification.

Using Commercial Sprays

Using a spray can of insecticide may not seem like a mistake, but this common pest control method worsen the infestation by causing insects to scatter into other rooms. Opt for bait-type insecticides instead, and place the baits where you see the insects most often. Using commercially available pest control products too often is also a common mistake.

Overusing pest control products like ant spray isn’t more effective than using the product according to the instructions on the label, and the pesticides can be dangerous for both humans and pets when used too often. If the available pesticides are ineffective, switch to professional pest control services to safely eliminate infestations.

Inconsistent Control Routines

Pest control requires consistent efforts for successful results. For instance, eliminating insects like cockroaches and ants requires using an integrated approach that includes cleaning your home daily to eliminate food and water sources that attract pests. You should also keep your lawn well-maintained to avoid attracting pests to your property.

Insecticides must be reapplied as recommended on the product labeling. Baits are reapplied as needed, and traps must be checked daily and reset as needed. If you are using humane traps, release animals according to your local regulations.

Handling Severe Infestations Without Help

Severe pest infestations often require a more intensive approach to resolve, especially when insects like cockroaches are present in large populations. The insects nest inside walls and other hidden areas like your crawlspace, making it very difficult to find and treat every affected area of your home using the insecticides you find in most home and discount shops.

Calling an exterminator is often the most cost-effective solution when dealing with an infestation that affects multiple rooms in your home. If you are beginning a DIY pest control strategy, researching your options and following a consistent plan allow you to eliminate most insects without assistance. More severe infestations, and infestations of dangerous pests like scorpions, are best left to professionals.

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