4 Key Medical Issues an External Catheter Can Solve

Urinary incontinence and other genital problems are some of the most difficult health symptoms. External catheters are developing solutions to these issues that won’t leave you bedridden or hospitalized. There are key medical issues an external catheter can solve that go beyond the most obvious ones.

Urinary incontinence
An external catheter allows the user more control over his urination. The sheath connects to the interior of the penis and does not excessive liquid to flow onto the ground. If you have these troubles at night, using an external catheter can lead to a cleaner morning. During the day, your body is more active and tends to naturally regulate your urination. After a few weeks with this device, your urine will stop and flow in more regular patterns.

Semen leakage
Other men have issues with their testicles and semen. This problem is very similar to urinary incontinence, as the catheter is able to catch fluids and allow for easy disposal. Sometimes, the two issues can exist in tandem. A catheter can kill two birds with one stone and allow you to go about your daily lifestyle. Moreover, this will eliminate the need for a life changing surgery. If you are able to contain sexual dysfunctions for a short period of time, your body can naturally adapt to newer conditions.

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction becomes increasingly common among older men. With an external catheter, you can regulate these erections without an intrinsic medical surgery. Because you can inject the catheter with penile medicine, you can control erectile dysfunction with a few natural additives. Not only will the penis respond positively to this care, but it will set you up for success down the road.

Sensitive skin
The skin around the penis can be particularly sensitive. If your skin is too stretchy or thin, an external catheter can provide an additional layer of protection until it naturally heals. Strap on the catheter and continue about your daily tasks. After a few hours of days, the skin will begin to consolidate and you won’t have to worry about pain or distress. This might seem like an unorthodox use for an external catheter, but it is indeed a form of protection.

External catheters are not embarrassing or difficult to manage. Doctors have developed catheters that do not interfere with ejaculation or urination, which means that you don’t need to devote attention to this device. If you are experiencing ongoing medical issues, do not hesitate to obtain an external catheter.

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