4 Problems With Procrastinating Wedding Dress Shopping

Whether you’ve dreamed of your wedding gown your entire life or you simply want to look beautiful on your wedding day now that you’re finally engaged, dress shopping is among the most exciting aspects of wedding planning. The entire event involves so much detail, so much time and energy, and so much stress on behalf of the bride and groom and their families, it’s nice to have a relaxing, exciting day to enjoy when shopping for a new dress. Sadly, many brides put off the shopping process a little too long, and there are a few problems associated with waiting to the last minute to shop for a wedding gown.

The Price

Wedding gowns are expensive, and waiting too long to shop for a gown can mean you don’t have time to pay for it. Most gowns require a deposit of 50% with the agreement the bride pays the remainder of the balance a few months before her big day. If you don’t allow yourself enough time, you might not be able to pay off the balance in time for your wedding.

Ordering Dresses Takes A Long Time

Even when you’re ordering a mass-produced dress from a wedding dress retailer with thousands of dresses on hand all the time, you need several weeks to months to order a dress and have it shipped to you. Waiting too long means your choices are narrowed significantly by what’s in stock and available for purchase prior to the big day.

Sizing Requirements

Most gowns are sample sizes. This means they don’t fit most women, and it can be problematic if you don’t have time to order a new size. While a larger gown can be easily taken in for a smaller bride, a small gown cannot be made larger for a bride who must go up a size. Allow time to shop so you can order a gown in the correct size.

When Problems Arise

Shipping problems, delays, back-ups, and even natural disasters can cause your dress to end up stuck in a facility or even delivery truck somewhere not near you. If this happens with no time left until your wedding day, you’re in a mess. If you have ample time for the dress to arrive prior to your big day, a little delay isn’t going to do anything to harm the timeline of your wedding day.

Dress shopping is recommended around 9 months prior to the wedding. This allows time to order a dress, ship it, have it sized, and have all the alterations handled for you. If you don’t take the time to shop in advance, your dress options are severely limited.

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