4 Things to Leave at Home When You Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is a positive move for many reasons. You improve your overall health and wellness by making the gym part of your life. Benefits are more than just physical, and extend into mental and spiritual well being. Preparing to make your trips to the gym takes time and effort too. With your health and wellness at the forefront in planning your gym visits, what to bring is often part of this planning. Before falling down a rabbit hole of what to bring… here are four things to leave at home:

Duffle / shoulder bag. While these bags may be easy to grab, and hold a lot, carrying a big, heavy bag on your shoulder can cause discomfort even after a short period of time, and, after longer periods can affect your natural gait. To compensate for the extra weight you carry on your shoulder, your opposite arm has to work harder to maintain balance, and this could cause back pain. Other results of carrying a heavy shoulder bag include muscle tightness, headaches, and neck pain. To avoid these results, a backpack is the answer. Many people use these, though less use both straps to carry them. For best results, avoid too heavy of a load, and use bags with padded, wide straps which better distribute the weight more evenly.

Negativity. It can be hard to be in a place focused on self improvement, and not compare yourself to others, or some to standard of what you think you (or others ) should be doing. Leave it home. Seriously. Most likely your judgments of yourself or others are harming YOU most of all. The negative energy it takes to come up with these detracts from your valuable gym time. Studies have repeatedly shown that having a positive outlook is linked to health benefits such as lower blood pressure, less heart disease, better weight control, and healthier sugar levels

Reading material. For a time it seemed as though every person on a cardio machine had something to read as they stepped, pedaled or jogged along. Although it’s great to have things to keep you busy and multi-tasking is one way, your energy might be better directed at the task at hand. You may even enjoy it more. Sometimes dividing your attention into two tasks dilutes them both. Hit the gym with one less thing, and leave the reading material home.

Excuses. We all make them, it’s so easy to. It’s practically an automatic response. Making progress at the gym is not just about doing things you are already are good at. Leaving excuses home will increase your motivation.

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