5 Advantages of Using Metal Framing in Construction

Metal frames can replace wood as studs in home building. Several reasons will make you love metal more than wood as casings for your doors or windows. For your structural needs, steel or iron will do a wonderful job, whether you intend to use metal as roofing foundation or wall partitioning. The fact that metal produces a light, non-weight sensitive wall or roof is also quite appealing.

Metal is Weather Resistant

Metal frames do not shrink as wood does. You are sure to have perfectly straight frames for many years when you use steel for metal never splits. You will also feel safe with metal because the material is fire resistant, plus your metal structures cannot fall prey to insects, termites, or rot during floods. Steel is lovable for the ability to endure high winds, earth quakes, and heavy snows too. Insurance companies may lower your premiums for using metal on buildings.

Cost Effective Metal Frames

As the availability of lumber becomes a bothersome issue, metal studs are the choice substitutes for door and window casings. Wood is 30 per cent cheaper than wood. Metal studs are user-friendly during home construction. Fixing the metal studs is simpler and faster as the contractor will use screws to get the metal parts into place.

Little Maintenance

Steel requires very little maintenance. With the upkeep, repair, and replacement cost of steel being minimal or non-existent, property owners will save so much money in the building’s lifespan.

Metal is Adaptable

Steel is the unrivaled building material that contractors can mod into just any imaginable shape. When you require innovative patterns for your roofing, exterior outlook, or walls, you will only need to talk to your designer and contractor for them to use a wide range of attractive options using steel.

Architects and building designers opt for steel because metal allows all sorts of artistic imaginations, while still providing safe and strong buildings. The skeleton structures of large buildings, such as skyscrapers, airplane hangers, multi-story apartments, warehouses, and stadiums, are all constructed using metal.

Steel as Siding

It is not only in big commercial buildings that metal frames are useful. To design and build individual homes, the easy changeability and flexibility is quite useful. People who would want to construct residential premises may consider having metal beams instead of the expensive wood pillars. Steel can do well as siding, ceiling, or roofing foundation during the building of a new residence, remodeling, or renovation.

Metal and Wood Integration

For people who still prefer to have a bit of wood in building construction, wood and metal hybridization will give the dual benefits. Many construction companies will be able to offer hybrid wood-metal houses, which give the durability, strength of metal coupled with the aesthetic appeal of wood. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development in Hybrid Wood and Steel Details Building Guide reassures property developers that structural steel is a dependable building material.

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