5 Benefits of Having a Prepaid Phone

Prepaid cell phones have always suffered a bad rap. The preferred phones for bad guys both in the movies as well as on “that side” of town, prepaid phones were cheap and of questionable quality. Perfect for making a call and then ditching the phone.

Times have changed, however. Contract phones have left a bad taste in lots of mouths. Expensive plans, roaming charges, extra data charges, running out of data two weeks into the month – meaning you have to purchase more data, have all made people determined to find a better way.

Prepaid phones offer that better way. Plans no more expensive than $50 to $60, good quality devices, added to unlimited talk, text, and data have given former contract plan users a new lease on life. Additionally, why pay hundreds of dollars to a contract phone company for a phone, when prepaid phone companies offer the same phones much cheaper?

5 Benefits Of Having A Prepaid Phone

Much to contract phone companies’ chagrin, their prepaid cousins offer good benefits to their users.

1. No contracts. It is attractive not being tied to something for two years. Upgrades only happen when the company tells you they can happen, you can only get the phone they want you to have, and they don’t have specials on the plans.

Prepaid phone companies often offer both phones and plans specials such as half-price phones and $10 off a plan for one month. Phone company reps even give you a lower priced plan to suit your needs instead of arbitrarily giving you the most expensive plan they have.

2. Keep your number. Many contract phone company users wouldn’t switch because they would lose their phone number. This is especially so when the user has had that number for many years or uses it for business. Notifying everyone of a new phone number is time consuming and inconvenient.

3. Coverage. It is the rare prepaid phone company who doesn’t have good coverage. They piggy-back one of the Big Four’s coverage, so you can’t lose. Additionally, users get a signal even if they’re indoors around machinery like the kitchen. The exception to that is when you live deep in the country with no microwave towers nearby.

4. Family plans. Contract phone companies aren’t the only ones offering friends and family plans. Prepaid companies offer the same in addition to offering multiple lines and business phone numbers. The plans and phones tend to be cheaper.

5. No credit? No problem. The Big Four check everyone’s credit before even saying hello. Prepaid companies don’t care. They know they’re the cheapest game in town, plus being offshoots of one of the Big Four.

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