5 Crazy Ways to Gift People in Your Life Cigars

For a cigar lover, picking out a cigar is almost as fun as smoking it. But, it’s even more fun to receive a stick or two. You may have a cigar fan in your life, but may be stumped on how to present cigars to them as gifts. To help you out, here are five cool ways to gift the cigar lover in your life.

Take Them to the Store
It may be a method that lacks the element of surprise, but nothing is better than going into the store, finding the perfect cigar and going home with it that same day. Their eyes will light up when you tell them to pick out whatever they want. It grants them instant gratification and the freedom to try something they might not have chosen otherwise.

Put It in a Package
Getting a cigar-themed package would make any cigar lover smile. Pack in several cigars of different varieties or stick with their favorites. Besides the cigars themselves, throw in a cigar cutter and lighter to complete the package.

Throw a Get-Together
What’s better than simply hanging out with your friends? Smoking stogies with your friends comes to mind. Have a few cigars ready for your buddies when they come over. It’s a great way to try different sticks and get some new recommendations as well.

Use Them as Prizes
While you’re having your get-together, why not play a few games to add to the evening? The games you choose are up to you, but raise the stakes. Let the prizes be a cigar or two of the winner’s choice. Just be sure to put your pricing parameters in place first, and make sure that everybody knows to play fair.

Trading is a great way to build up your cigar and friend networks. Not only that, but you get a cigar out of the deal as well. It’s a win-win. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure in some cases, and with trades, you may find that your trading partner adores the sticks you detest. The same could apply to you. To enhance the relationship, be on the lookout for cigars that your trading partners may enjoy. They will appreciate the extra effort, and may be willing to do the same for you.

Cigars are fun to smoke in the first place, but you can add so much more to the experience by being a little creative in your cigar gift-giving. All it takes is a bit of thoughtfulness to bring joy to the cigar lovers in your life.

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