5 Items to Double-check Before Booking a Resort Vacation

Heading to a resort for a vacation is a wise choice, but you have to make sure that you are getting the resort experience that you want. There are lots of different types of resorts out there, and booking the wrong one can really put a damper on your vacation fun. To prevent this, you need to ask the right questions when you are booking a resort vacation. Here are five items you should always double-check before booking a resort vacation.

1. Exactly What Is Included

A quick way to ruin your resort vacation is to arrive at your destination only to realize you have to pay extra for something you thought was included. Make sure you take plenty of time to go over exactly what is and isn’t included. “All-inclusive” is a loose term. Make sure you have it defined by the resort before you book a stay.

2. Tipping Policy

An important consideration is the resort’s policy on tipping. At some resorts, generous tipping is expected that can add a significant portion to your budget. Make sure to ask about tipping and to include it in your budget when you are making your travel plans.

3. Recommended Items

You may be one of those low-key travelers who needs little more than a pair of shades and a few swimsuits when you travel to a resort, but many other travelers following the common-sense policy of being prepared. Do your own research as well, but make sure to ask the resort for a list of items they recommend guests pack for their stays.

4. Meal Times

If you are someone who needs to eat at set times throughout the day, then you want to pay close attention to the meal times at prospective resort destinations. Many of the most popular restaurants in resorts fill up early, which means knowing the meal times when you come is very helpful if you are eager to dine at a popular spot at the resort.

5. Amenities

One of the most important considerations when selecting a resort is what kind of amenities they offer. If you want a pampered resort experience, you need to look for a resort that provides it. If you like to get out of the resort, look for a resort that has a good reputation for touring. Adventure seekers and luxury lovers alike can find the resort experience they crave if they only take the time to find a place with all the amenities they desire.

It is always exciting heading off for a resort vacation. Make sure yours is perfect by researching thoroughly to find the right resort for your trip. With proper research and by asking smart questions, your perfect resort trip is within reach.

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