5 Most Expensive Medicines All Doctors Use

You wouldn’t think that some of the most expensive prescription medications or about the same as the average monthly salary for a rookie NFL player, but sadly, it can be true. This is why medicines in the USA are at a crisis point. Simply put, people cannot afford them. Here are some examples of just five of the most expensive medicines at all doctors use.


This is a medication utilized to treat chronic granulomatous disease, and it’s price tag is roughly a whopping $52,000 per month. Of course, medical officials continue to attempt to assure us that, number one, this medication is only treating a rare disorder that only affects 500 people worldwide, and that even with the high price tag, there is safeguards and assistance in place to help people afford them.


Daraprim is an eye-popping $45,000 per month, and unlike the prior medication, this prescription drug is in a circumcised that is a lot more complicated. First of all, this drug is used to treat a parasitic disorder that actually affects over 60 million people. However, the only individuals who need this drug are those who have compromised immune systems or who are pregnant. In that case, this disease can lead to blindness, a brain disease, or a miscarriage. A pharmaceutical raised the price of this pill from $13.50 apiece to $750 per pill. They claim that it is for making a new version of the pill, even though this prescription has been around since the 1950’s.


Cinryze is a drug responsible for treating patients with a hereditary angiodma condition, which is a rare disease that can cause such swelling of the skin that it can be fatal. Costs of the medication for uninsured individuals can be upwards of $44,000 per month. Pharmaceutical companies associated with this drug could provide a hullabalooed statement about how they price a drug “according to need.”


Chenodal is a drug that is priced at $42,570 for one month. This tablet helps patients with gallstones whom doctors have deemed surgery to be too risky. The pharmaceutical company that manufactures this drug would not comment on the original piece regarding the high price.


This injectable drug helps individuals with a condition called leptin deficiency, which can affect metabolic processes within the body. The cost of the drug is $42,137 for just one month.

There is no questioning the fact that something needs to be done to alleviate the high prices of these and other drugs. It is incredibly obvious that it is more than just Martin Shkreli who is guilty of gouging people for their drug needs. Hopefully someone within the current administration can figure out a new law to stop these high prices from occurring.

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