5 Options Available for Stairlifts in the Home

Moving around in your own home is one of the most important qualities of life. With stairlifts, you don’t have to worry about steep stairs and the physical strain they can put on your body. There are options available for stairlifts in the home that can make the everyday commute even easier.

Curved stairlifts
If your stairs forms a spiral or turns around a bend, use curved stairlifts to make the ascent in one go. You won’t have to get off at the first landing and transfer to a different stairlift. While it may seem that curved stairlifts are less stable than traditional ones, this is not the case. State of the art rails ensure that there is a seamless divide between the machinery and the railing.

Dual seats
If two or more elderly individuals are living together, dual seats are great ways to save time. Two people can board the stairlift at once and sit adjacent to each other. In order for this to work, the stairs needs to be relatively wide to begin with. Companies such as Merrett are working on designs that align the riders parallel to one another. For now, dual seats require an open space, but work perfectly when all the conditions are met.

Customized stairlifts
If you have a budget to spend, customized stairlifts are the best products on the market. With the help of seasoned professionals, you will be able to design a stairlift that suits your needs and body shape. When buying a regular stairlift, one size does not fit all. Your height and weight might not be suitable for certain brands or models.

While stairlifts are not particularly dangerous, it is sensible to eliminate any hazards. Guardrails will prevent you from falling over onto your head or down the stairwell. In addition, they blend in nicely with the natural coating of a stairlift. This addition takes minimal effort with a maximal reward. It is also possible to implement partial guardrails that only exist during turns and the steepest sections.

Combining options
When multiple options are available, there is no reason to limit yourself to just one. Combining these steps will allow you reach the maximum potential for your device. Popular combinations include a footrest, height adjustment, and stair counter. Because these additions do not interfere with one another, you can flip a switch to enable whichever ones are your preference for the day.

When installing a stairlift, make sure to consider all available options. Taking all factors into account will ensure that the stairlift has maximum effectiveness. Installing multiple options at once can work wonders in terms of speed and comfort.

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