5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Holiday Dress

‘Tis the Season! This is the time to celebrate family, friends and…fashion. You have a few holiday parties to grace with your presence, but you have to have the right look with the right fit for the right occasion. Here are 5 tips to finding that perfect dress for the holiday:

1. Have an Idea of What You Want
Know what it is that you are looking for. Have an idea of what it is you want to buy. What kind of dress are you looking for? What do you normally wear? How much are you willing to spend on the dress? You may have a style you want to wear for different holiday party settings. Ideally, this will be a dress that you will be able to wear again and again.

2. Have an Idea of the Party’s Attire Requirements and Expectations
If it is a formal black tie occasion, you should look at evening gowns. If it is a holiday party out on the town, you may opt for a sexy cocktail dress. If it is an office party, consider a coatdress, or something that is flattering, yet professional. A simple frock will do at a casual gathering at a friend’s house. Simply inquire about the attire of the event, and dress accordingly.

3. Know Your Body Type
Body types vary. Wear something that complements your figure. A scoop or V-neck dress with an empire waist and flair at the bottom flatters a voluptuous figure with fuller breasts and hips. A button down coatdress or an A-line waist dress complements a figure that is less endowed, giving a little more curve to the silhouette.

4. COLOR! Or No?
Black is undoubtedly the “go-to” for a dress. It works well for the holiday too. However, you may want to switch it up a little and wear color. If you want to conform to tradition and go with the holiday theme, the dress colors you cannot go wrong with are shades of red, green, beige, gold and silver. Blue, crimson and purple are also festive colors to consider if you want something different, but within the holiday theme.

5. Be Comfortable and Confident in Your Dress
Parties are where you mingle, network and enjoy. That cannot be done if you don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Your dress may be very pretty, but it has to be a pretty dress ON YOU. Comfort and confidence are keys for your dress so you can dance, flirt, socialize and laugh. That’s what parties are for! A party is not where you should have to constantly adjust your dress and second-guess your purchase. That is unnecessary stress, and you would have been better off just staying home if you are not going to enjoy yourself.

The holiday season comes around only once a year. Enjoy it, and celebrate in you best dress!

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