6 Tips For Selecting The Safest Bathroom Flooring For Your Senior

A vinyl flooring is installed in the bathroom.

When a loved one gets older many things in the home must be changed to make it safer. Seniors do not always realize that some changes are necessary especially if they are still capable of living on their own. Moving furniture around to allow for easier maneuverability is a step toward independent living for your senior loved one. Making sure that there are no excess electrical cords to step over, and that the outlets are not over loaded. Another safety point is to check that the flooring in all rooms is in good shape and slip resistant.

Bathroom flooring is definitely one that needs to be examined for safety since slip and fall accidents occur more often in that area. Certain precautions and considerations should be taken when planning on bathroom flooring for a loved one that is aging.


Keep in mind these safety tips to help older adults continue to live on their own safely:

  • One of the first things to consider when selecting flooring for a senior is whether or not the flooring is slip resistant. Will they be safe from slips even if the floor is wet? Safety from falls is a number one priority.
  • Another important factor is if the flooring can handle walking easily. This means to ensure that the texture will be accommodating to walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. A senior who uses walking aids must be able to get in and out of the bathroom without worrying that the aid will not allow safety on the flooring.
  • Check for flooring that is more of a rug type than tiles. A single covering as opposed to tiles that may buckle or come loose at some point due to wear. Do make sure that the flooring doesn’t move/travel, as that will be a safety hazard.
  • Selected flooring for a senior should not be the self-stick kind. This could easily come apart or bend up and can increase the risk of injury from tripping and falling.
  • Flooring for a senior should have some type of cushioning for shock absorbency in case of a fall. Many breaks from falls can be eliminated with proper cushioning underneath the feet.
  • One final tip is to make sure that the padding chosen for the bathroom floor does not allow too cushy of a feeling when standing on it. The bounciness of the flooring may be frightful for seniors who may have a fear of falling, or becoming unbalanced.

When selecting bathroom flooring, let your loved one have a part in the decision making. They can choose the color of their choice, give input as to the type of flooring they prefer while you are concerned with the safety features. Seniors still want to be proud of a beautiful safe bathroom that gives them peace of mind. Allow your senior loved one the opportunity to move around by themselves without fear.

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