7 Tips for Moving to Canada During the Summer

Moving to Canada is an exciting way to see more of the world. If your move to Canada is planned for the sweet summer season, there are 7 moving tips that you should know before you hit the road.

1. International Crowds

Due to the harsh weather that hits Canada during the winter and autumn seasons, many foreign visitors choose to arrive in Canada during the favorable summer months. If you decide to move to Canada during the summer, be prepared for large crowds at the airports and for large crowds of tourists.

2. Local Weather

Canada experiences all four seasons just like other countries. Because of this, they also have their own specific localized weather systems for every season of the year. If you move into Canada during the summer, be sure to check the local weather for the province into which you’re moving so that you can arrive prepared.

3. Student Surplus

One major thing to consider before planning your move to Canada during the summer is the massive influx of international students that travel to Canada. These international students generally arrive in the country a month or two before the fall semester begins. They’ll begin renting apartments as soon as they arrive. To ensure that you’ll have a place to live, plan to move before the international students get into Canada. The best time to move would be in May.

4. Prepare For The Heat

There are areas of Canada that can reach in excess of 100°F (38°C) during the summer. When you begin planning your move to Canada, you’ll want to choose a car or moving truck that has air conditioning. If you or a family member are sensitive to heat, you will also want to reconsider the province to which you’ll move. British Columbia has a reputation for being the most temperate province in the country with regards to heat and cold.

5. Lakes Galore

Canada is known as a country that has the most lakes on the planet. Regardless of which province you move to, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to swim. There are many beautiful lakes in Canada that are open to the public and clean enough for swimming.

6. Festivals and Markets

Canada is a country that’s rich in seafood, diversity, and farms. These riches are all on display at the many festivals and markets that pop up throughout Canada during the summer. After you’ve settled into your new home, be sure to visit a local market for fresh foods and community outreach with your fellow Canadians.

7. Wildlife

A large portion of Canada is uninhabited by humans, allowing the wildlife to roam freely. So, it’s not unheard of to spot wild moose, bears, cougars, beavers, and wolves roaming suburban neighborhoods. Summertime sees many of these creatures out in public areas frequently, so be prepared to seek safe shelter when these majestic creatures are in your neighborhood during active summer months.

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