8 Smart Items Every Avid Fisherman Should Own

Some people fish as a means of keeping the food budget in check, others fish as a weekend pastime, with some even practicing the catch-and-release approach. Regardless of skill level, there are some specific tools that every respectable fisherman should have on hand.

1. Multitool

While you might not think of hand tools when you think of a fisherman’s shopping list, the truth is that this device can spare you a lot of extra work. The various uses of a multi-tool allow you to safely remove fishhooks, cut snagged lines and even portion out live bait.

2. A First Aid Kit

  • Cuts, like the ones inflicted from handling sharp fins or bites.
  • Bruises.
  • Accidentally snagging yourself on a hook.
  • Getting stung by a catfish’s barbs

These are some of the accidents that are bound to happen while fishing, especially with friends and family. A first aid kit gives you a great way of tending to minor injuries and tempering the problems of more serious problems.

3. Weights

Weights are a way to ensure you catch the fish that choose not to swim within the depths of a normally baited hook.

4. Sunscreen

Unless you happen to favor fishing at night or during the lightless times of day in regions like Alaska, a modest supply of sunscreen is a sound investment. Figuring out the strength of sunscreen you will need is a simple equation of multiplying the SPF by the anticipated length of your daytime fishing trip. Try to look for versions that offer both UVA and UVB protection.

5. Fishfinder

This electronic device is perfect for anyone looking to go fishing over bodies of water, be it off of a pier or within a boat on the lake. Be mindful of your particular fishing preferences when purchasing a fish finder as different ones exist for different forms of fishing spots.

6. Icebox

While some might think of an ice box as just a vessel for storing a variety of cool drinks to enjoy during the fishing trip, an icebox is also a useful tool for preserving the freshness of your catches. If you want to maximize your refrigeration, remember to pack it as much as possible and keep the cooler covered as much as you can.

7. Fishing Vest

Some might joke that the fishing vest was invented because a utility belt risks becoming waterlogged. These items are loaded with pockets and straps to keep all your tools ready.

8. Fishing Scale

Nothing verifies a story of an impressive catch like a fishing scale. While this device is just a battery-powered waterproof scale, it can do wonders for your self-esteem as a fisherman.

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