8 Tips For Students Moving Into Their First Furnished Apartment

Moving into a new college apartment can be a very exciting time. However, this also comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are eight things that a student needs to know and do when moving into a furnished apartment.

Payment Responsibilities 
Whenever you are moving into any new apartment, you need to know what you are responsible for. This could include a variety of utilities, association dues, and other expenses. Knowing these in advance will help you to properly budget.

Maintenance Obligations 
You also need to know what your maintenance obligations will be for the new apartment. Some common maintenance obligations can include changing lightbulbs, replacing filters, or simply notifying the landlord when issues arise.

Take Pictures 
Once you have moved into the apartment, you should also take pictures of the entire property. This will help to show the condition of the apartment when you moved in. These pictures will go a long way when it comes to fighting damage charges later on.

Notify Landlord of Damage Early 
If there is damage to the apartment, you should also notify your landlord immediately. A landlord will be obligated to make repairs. Further, when you notify them of damage early on, it will be clearer that you were not the cause.

Keep it Clean 
Keeping an apartment clean is very important. First, you will want to live in an environment that feels, looks, and smells good. To keep your apartment clean, you will want to purchase a full set of cleaning equipment at the start of your lease and make a habit of keeping up with it.

Know What is There 
Before moving into an apartment, it is important that you get a full inventory of all furniture that is there. You should then compare this list to what is actually in the apartment. If you see items listed that are not present, you should contact the landlord immediately.

Get Insurance 
When moving into a new apartment, it is important that you get the right insurance in place. Today, a renter’s insurance policy is perfect for people moving into a furnished apartment. This will give you coverage for the assets under the roof and liability.

Take Good Care of Apartment 
Most importantly, you need to take good care of your furnished apartment. More than likely, you will have to give a security deposit before moving in. However, if you cause damage to the apartment that is in excess of the deposit, you could be on the hook for the balance.

Once you have found the apartment that you want, you need to start getting prepared. Those that are prepared to live in an apartment will have a much easier transition. Following these eight tips will help a lot.

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