8 Workout Moves You Need to Try

If you are having problems getting your body in the best shape, then try some new workout moves to tone your muscles.

Workout Move 1: Stability Ball Exercise

Use a supersize stability ball to tone your stomach. Place the stability ball on a soft mat before placing your upper body on the item. Next, slide your body slowly across the stability ball until you can place the palms of your hands on the mat. To tone your stomach, roll your body across the stability ball repeatedly.

Workout Move 2: Lunge With Leg Twisting

Optimize your lunges by placing one leg over another during the exercise. With 20 repetitions of lunges with leg twists each day, you can reduce your flabby inner and outer thighs.

Workout Move 3: Weight Disc and Squat Pose

Add resistance to your squats by using a weight disc. You can hold a weight disc in your hands while squatting 30 times. This exercise will help to firm your thighs and hips.

Workout Move 4: Barbell Shoulder Raise

Keep your upper arms and shoulders in better shape with a barbell shoulder raise. Hold one barbell firmly with both hands to lift the equipment over each shoulder 15 times. Within a few weeks, you will have firmer shoulder or arm muscles.

Workout Move 5: Rear Foot Squat

For a rear foot squat, you will need a step stool or piece of gym equipment to rest one foot on. Face forward for this exercise and lift your leg backward. Then begin 10 squats while having your arms outstretched to maintain your balance.

Workout Move 6: Hip Plank Exercise

If you have flabby hips and thighs, then begin hip plank exercises. You can perform this exercise by lying on your side and raising a leg 10 times before switching to the other side and repeating the process. You can also perform this exercise by lying on your stomach to tone the muscles in the back of your thighs.

Workout Move 7: Stepping Up and Back

You can use a sturdy piece of gym equipment for stepping up and back to tone the muscles in the front and back of your legs. If you don’t have any suitable gym equipment, then use the stairs in your home or a step stool. Perform 20 step ups and downs to have the best results.

Workout Move 8: Hill Climbing Push-ups

Use a treadmill that is slanted for hill climbing to perform 20 push-ups for additional resistance to strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders and legs. Make sure to have your hands placed firmly on the floor, and place a soft mat next to the treadmill to prevent injuries from a fall.

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