9 Helpful Tips for Transitioning To Hearing Aids

Congratulations! You have been fitted with brand new hearing aids and are now well on your way to better hearing and communication with those around you. Hearing aids have been shown to provide a better quality of life for both you and your loved ones. Transitioning to using hearing aids often requires some adjustment, but will be well worth the effort!

It typically takes several weeks to fully transition to using a new pair of hearing aids. Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t feel immediately comfortable. Many people choose to adjust to hearing aids by wearing them consistently while re-adjusting to the sounds in their environment. Many people also choose to ease into wearing hearing aids by keeping them in for a few hours a day and gradually increasing the duration. There are a few simple steps to help make the transition smoother, leaving you able to fully engage with your surroundings.

1. Remember that your loss of hearing came gradually. You shouldn’t expect your hearing aids to reverse that loss all at once. You will likely want to ease into the process of regaining your hearing by wearing your hearing aids a few hours a day and increasing time span as you grow more comfortable wearing your hearing aids.
2. If possible, get used to your hearing aids by starting out with conversations between you and friends or family members. You will already be very familiar with their voices, meaning that it will be easier for your ears to adjust with your new hearing aids.
3. Although you’re likely incredibly excited to regain your hearing, it’s best to start in quiet places with less commotion. This will help you ease into use of your hearing aids before going into louder environments.
4. Try reading out loud to yourself with your hearing aids in while. You will be able to easily change the volume of your voice to meet your hearing needs. If possible, ask another person if you are reading too loud.
5. Take your hearing aids out for the first few weeks when you sleep.
6. When you take your first drive with your hearing aids in, drive a short distance in a familiar place. A good drive would be around the neighborhood or to a store you visit frequently.
7. Keep your hearing aids working perfectly by cleaning them at home and getting them professionally cleaned at least once every few months.
8. Don’t be shy about asking for a table in a quieter area of a restaurant or any other accommodation you may need when you are first adapting to your new hearing aids.
9. Finally, keep a notebook of how your hearing aid is performing during the first few weeks. Track progress as well as any issues you may be having. Share these notes with your audiologist.

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