Are Contacts Right For Your Child?

Your child may be asking you to get contact lenses, but you aren’t sure if it is the right decision. While your child’s ophthalmologist will be able to tell you if your child is old enough, there are still other factors to consider. Read on to learn if contacts are right for your child.

1.They are Old Enough

According to the American Optometric Association, most professionals believe that children between the ages of 10 and 12 are old enough to be fitted for contact lenses. However, it will depend on the maturity level of the child. If you do not believe they are mature enough to handle contacts safely, you may want to wait a little while longer.

2.They Know How to Care for Them

Being able to understand the instructions for care is important when your child wants to wear contacts. Your child should be able to clearly read and comprehend all the cleaning instructions that comes with owning contact lenses. They will need to understand that contacts are delicate and cannot be treated roughly. If they cannot handle them carefully, then they are not ready.

3.You Can Trust Them With Other Responsibilities

Will your child take their contacts out every night, or do you think they will forget and end up sleeping in them? Do they normally ignore other hygiene habits, like brushing their teeth or bathing? Your child should be ready for the added responsibility of contacts before you allow them to have them.

4.They Play Sports

Is your child in a sport? Many parents choose to get contacts for their child because their glasses are a hindrance during sports activities. Contacts make it easier to see, especially when it gets hot out. Excess sweat can cause glasses to slip easier, but contacts will not have the same issue. Plus, your child can now wear protective eye coverings if needed, as well as sunglasses if they are outside in the bright sun.

5.They Have Low Self-Esteem

Your child may be ready for contacts if they have been struggling with low self-esteem due to their glasses. Unfortunately, many kids still hate the idea of wearing glasses and would feel better if they had contacts to wear. If this is the case, contacts may be the best idea. Plus, your child is more likely to be responsible with their contacts if it is something they really want.

Your child may want contacts instead of glasses, but it is something you have to consider together. It’s a personal choice that has to be discussed between the parents and the child. However, if you believe they are ready, contacts can be the best choice for a child who has poor vision.

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