How Hiring a Consulting Company Can Improve Your Trucking Company Safety

Trucking companies adhere to a certain set of goals. One of these is to deliver their goods on time, and the other is to make sure their drivers and vehicles are protected. To help maintain safety in this industry, here are a few ways a consulting company can assist.

They make sure you are DOT compliant
Half of the truck drivers operating in the U.S. drive nearly 279 million miles across the country. To ensure their eligibility to drive and enhance their safety, Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance is required to maintain their Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs).

A consulting company can ensure a truck company’s fleet of drivers is fully compliant. Some of the tasks they perform are:

  • Establishing Driver Qualification Files
  • Administering drug and alcohol tests
  • Auditing driver logs to ensure they receive the necessary periods of rest required by the federal government
  • Acting as the company’s principal storage location for safety records

In addition, a consulting company can file all necessary paperwork with the proper authorities to safeguard the trucking firm’s safety compliance.

They ensure adherence to OSHA guidelines
Some consulting companies go one step further when it comes to safety. In addition to fortifying drivers are ready for the road they also review how a trucking firm protects their employees from accidents.

The most common trucker injuries are strains and sprains. Others range from non-serious bruises and soreness to multiple traumatic injuries. And each injury must be reported per guidelines established by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

To assist, a consulting firm reviews past OSHA filings. Next, they examine all work areas. Finally, they present their findings to the truck firm’s management with recommendations to improve safety. In the end, this helps them avoid an OSHA audit.

Employee training
Sometimes, increasing the safety of a trucking firm requires training. This helps veteran drivers as well those just starting out. In addition, it puts everyone on the same page when it comes to safety procedures.

Forms of safety training conducted by consulting companies may include:

  • Written compliance issues
  • OSHA guidelines
  • Fire safety
  • Emergency action plans
  • Action plans for securing truck loads

These can range from a few hours to several days. Regardless of the time, the more information trucking companies understand the better they can become at maintaining their workers’ safety.

Overall, it is beneficial for trucking companies to hire consulting firms to improve safety. Not only does it take the tasks off the hands of management but it also brings in specialists who are more than familiar with state and federal guidelines.

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