How to Express Yourself Through Your Clothing

Your clothing says a lot about you. Whether we intend to or not, everybody sends a message to others with their clothes and accessories. Are you a punk rocker, or a sophisticated high society type, or a member of urban culture? Especially in the Western world, where we value our individuality, modifying our appearance through our clothing can help us define ourselves and change how the world sees us. Here is a brief introduction to how to express yourself through your clothing.


Expressing Yourself Tip #1: Consider What You Want to Convey to the World


Before you can set out selecting clothing that you feel comfortable in, you should first consider what it is that your clothing should say about you. Remember that there is no such thing as “neutral” clothing – even clothing picked at random conveys some kind of message to the world, if only that you don’t take the time to consider what to wear!


If what you want to express to the world is a young professional on the go, set to conquer the world, then go all the way. For a woman, this might mean more than just selecting the right business suit. Perhaps also consider stylish business shoes that match your suit.


Expressing Yourself Tip #2: Be Yourself


People tend to notice when someone is trying too hard to be something that doesn’t suit their personality. If you feel out of place wearing something, chances are it’s not for you. There are always situations, of course, at work or a social function, when your fashion choices are limited or nonexistent. Most times, however, you have relative freedom of choice. If something you’re considering buying or wearing doesn’t vibe with you, why waste your time and money wearing it?


Expressing Yourself Tip #3: Making Your Theme Consistent and Sticking to It


One of the biggest fashion faux pas is the mismatching of styles. Would you ever wear a business jacket with gym shorts? Not only does this look “off” to anyone who sees you but also betrays the lack of thought that you put into your wardrobe when you carelessly mix up two totally separate styles of dress.


For example, if you’re going to go with a gothic rocker Marilyn Manson look, don’t just stop with a Hot Topic t-shirt. Complete your look with a studded belt, perhaps some piercings, or Doc Martin boots. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not get some quality tattoos to demonstrate your dedication to your look? No matter your particular style, people notice when you make an extra effort to accessorize your fashion style to complete the look.



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