How to Find the Perfect Construction Team for Your Project

Of course, general contractors require a network of suppliers and subcontractors to complete their projects within budget and on time. However, contracting these subcontractors and suppliers creates additional risks as it makes the project manager accountable for all the operations including the ones delegated to the vendors or technicians. These risks could include project delays, safety violations, licensing issues, supply chain interruption, and quality of work. Meanwhile, hiring the right construction team can help eliminate some of these risks and accelerate the completion of a project. Here are some of the incredible tips of finding subcontractors and suppliers you can trust.

Experience and Expertise

Everyone would want to hire a team of subcontractors who can complete tasks at the required quality. You can refer to the previous projects to assess how viable a subcontractor is before bringing them onboard. Also, consider how long a potential subcontractor or supplier has been in the construction industry before hiring them. That doesn’t guarantee the elimination of less experienced subcontractors, but long-standing suppliers and subcontractors can be more consistent than their counterparts. For example, a supplier can be new in the market, but the owner or foreman could have been in the construction industry for decades. After all, it is the foreman or contractor who runs the project, so their expertise and experience in the field are critical.

Insurance and License

The first thing to consider before hiring a subcontractor is whether or not they have all the required insurance and business license. Their coverage can include professional liability, errors and omissions, engineers and architects, auto, general liability, pollution, and workman’s comp insurance. The general contractor will be responsible for everything, so uninsured or unlicensed vendors shouldn’t appear on your list.

Safety Performance

Of course, the safety rating of a potential subcontractor is a critical consideration before bringing them onboard. You want to know whether the subcontractor or supplier has any violation of regulatory notice or not. Their safety program should be active and include procedures manual, safety policies, and documented training. After hiring subcontractors and suppliers, partner with them in developing the procedure for reporting accidents and create a list of workers who are competent in the tasks assigned to them.


Though pricing should be the last thing to consider, it is a critical aspect when hiring construction workers. After all, nothing else matters if their charges are beyond your budget. However, don’t choose price over experience and qualifications. You as the owner of the site is the one at risk even when subcontractors and suppliers are at fault. Take time to consider these factors before investing millions of dollars in hiring subcontractors and suppliers. You better spend the time up front than end up paying hefty penalties due to violations.

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