How To Keep Pests Out of Your Crawlspace

The crawlspace beneath your home may not be your idea of a great place to hang out, but animals and insects may beg to differ. For you, that crawlspace provides a foundation for your home, access to wiring and plumbing, and maybe even storage space. For pests, it can look like a nice new home.

Invading pests can cause expensive damage if they have access to insulation materials and structural items. This damage can weaken the joists and floors and can jeopardize your home’s stability. Those pests could even find their way into your house.

What can a homeowner do to keep these pesky critters out? Here are several key steps to follow to keep your crawlspace free from invasion.

Control moisture

Reducing humidity under your home is critical to maintaining your crawlspace. If the area under your home becomes too damp, the moisture can also attract insects and other small pests, and in turn, these pests can attract larger animals. That excessive moisture can also allow fungus to grow, and that could lead to a mold problem in your home.

A vapor barrier will keep water from entering the area. The plastic sheeting blocks the natural evaporation of water from the soil underneath and keeps the area dry. A drier space is less likely to attract pests or grow mold.

Seal openings

It’s surprising how many animals can fit through tiny openings in the foundation. Gaps around ventilation openings often get larger with age and allow animals to enter. Protect your home by sealing these potential entry points. There are a variety of barrier-forming materials you can use to cover and seal any openings in your foundation.

Catch them in the act

Sometimes you have to take direct action against vermin. Setting traps can help you not only catch animals, but it can also help you find out how they’re getting in. There are a variety of traps available, including those that let you release the animal alive and far away from your home.

Remove brush

Shrubbery and ground cover can be attractive accents to your yard, but they can also draw small animals looking for shelter. Keep landscaping elements away from your foundation

Keep it up

Maintaining a pest-free crawlspace is an ongoing, long-term process. Periodically look for openings into the crawlspace. You may want to enter the space sometimes to look for signs of infestation, such as droppings or the beginnings of a nest. By remaining alert and vigilant, you’ll prevent big infestation problems before they start.

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