How to Pick the Right Cruise for Your Family

With so many cruising options available today, it can be hard to pick the right cruise for your family. Luckily, there are many kid-friendly operations. Here are some tips to help you select an appropriate family cruise for you and your children.

1. Programs

Check out the different children’s programs that each company offers, and make a note of the age range that each activity caters too. Pre-teens might enjoy more physical activities, such as learning to rock climb or dive while very young children will enjoy painting and puppet shows. See if there are different activities every day so that your child has a variety of things to do during the cruise.

2. Day Care

Parents should get to enjoy their vacation also. A way to ensure you get some quality time together is to find a sitter. Ask the cruise line what type of daycare they provide and their hours of operation. Many boats have well-equipped nurseries to handle young kids.

3. Family Friendly Pools

Cruises cater to a diverse crowd, and when you are heading to sunny waters, most of the passengers will want to take a dip in the pool. Find out how many family-friendly pools they have on board. Family pools have lots of shallow water and smaller slides.

4. Entertainment

After a day excursion, you might be ready to sit back and enjoy a live show, but you will want to make sure the one you pick is not adult orientated. Family entertainment consists of clean humor or live-action plays. The storylines are familiar; everyone can comfortably enjoy the colorful sets and the scenery.

5. Restaurants and Food

When traveling with children, buffets are often a family favorite. Everyone can get what he or she likes to eat from salads to pizza. Buffets also offer a host of desserts that kids can create themselves. See if the boat offers buffet and sit-down family restaurants. If your child has any food allergies, let the crew know ahead of time so they can arrange special meals if they have to.

6. Cabins

You will be spending a lot of time sightseeing and playing on the boat, but you will also be hanging out in your room from time to time. You will want to have enough space for luggage, sleeping, and moving around. Select a place with plenty of beds and separate sleeping quarters if possible. Having a few TVs is nice also. See if the line offers a cabin with an extra sink or half bathroom, so you will not have to rush or share the small space.

Cruising is a fun way to package adventure, food, and entertainment altogether. When traveling as a family, there are many options available; you just have to know what to ask for. Cruise lines have ships geared specifically for family getaways now. With a little research and using these tips, you can find one to suit all your needs.

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