How to Properly Store Farm Equipment Fuel

Safety is one of the most vital farm considerations when storing farm fuel such as gasoline or diesel. It is critical to ensure that there is proper storage of farm fuel to avoid risks such as fire outbreak, injuries, and explosions. There are various safety precautions that individuals can use while storing fuel to enhance safety in the farm.

  1. The Right Containers

The essential element in storing farm fuel is using the right containers. Using containers for other uses like storing food and beverages can be dangerous. Secondary containment containers are the best for farm fuel storage. They are well designed to accommodate any spills or leakages due to their large capacity. The tanks are thus crucial in preventing the environmental impact of fuel on the farm.

An example is the double-walled containers. In addition to preventing any leak or spills, the minimize evaporation during storage. Secondary containment containers that use the diking system are also good in farm fuel storage. The diking system is non-combustive and non-permeable and thus prevents any leaks and fire outbreaks.

  1. Protection against Direct Sunlight

The storage area should be protected against direct sunlight. It is important to store farm fuel away from direct sunlight to avoid incidences of fuel evaporation. There are various ways of providing shade for the farm fuel. One of the most effective ways is to have canopies to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the fuel. The second method is taking advantage of the natural shade available on the farm.

In the cases where there is no proper protection against sunlight, one can use the pressure vacuum relief valve. The valve helps in minimizing evaporation of the fuel and thus reduces wastage.

3. Strategic Location

The location of the storage area is a critical factor. Choice of the storage area majorly determines unexpected issues like theft, fire outbreaks, and adverse environmental impacts. The storage area should be clear of any garbage or debris that may cause a fire. The weeds ought to be approximately 6 meters away from the fuel storage area.

There should be a 30 meters radius from the storage area and any forested region nearby or a water body. The measures help in making sure that the risk of any fire outbreaks, explosions, and environmental impact is minimal.

  1. Solid Foundation and Support

A solid foundation and support system for the farm equipment holding the fuel is essential. Some of the recommended material for laying the foundation includes clay and gravel. The support helps in ensuring the protection of fuel from any spills that may occur due to an uneven setting. The ground level should be nothing higher than 0.3 meters off the ground.

Proper storage of farm equipment fuel is fundamental in avoiding the risk of explosions, fire outbreak, fuel wastage, adverse environmental impact, and farm safety.

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