How to Use Direct Mail to Marketing Your New Business

With all the hoopla centered around SEO and search engine marketing, business owners tend to forget how effective direct mail marketing can be. In fact, some businesses have jettisoned their direct mail efforts all together, as they anticipate higher returns with digital marketing campaigns. But that’s really not the case when you consider how much easier it is to compute direct mail results. With that in mind, following are some key steps to getting your new business off the ground through direct mail.

Get a Mailing List
Find a mailing list vendor that sells targeted lists. These are the people to whom you will mail your offer. Two types of lists you’re looking for are compiled or response lists, according to Experian. In the former list, you can obtain names by various demographic groups (i.e. age, income) that are likely to buy your products. And response lists are compilations of people who have actually bought the types of products you sell.

Create a Great Sales Letter
You sales letter is your direct mail selling tool. It can be anywhere from one to eight pages or more, just generate as much copy as you need to make the sale, according to Business Know-How. Generally, the higher the price of the item, the longer your sales letter should be. When composing a sales letter, create an attention-getting headline to get people to read the letter. Try highlighting one or two benefits in the headline that people will enjoy by purchasing your product.

Design a Brochure Your Products
While a sales letter typically highlights the benefits of your offer, the brochure should include the features, styles, capabilities and even dimensions of your product. In most cases, a colored brochure will get more attention than a black and white one. It also makes you look more professional.

Devise an Order Form
The order form will be the piece that respondents mail back to you. When creating an order form, make sure you give people enough room to write down their names, addresses and phone numbers, according to Entrepreneur. This will prevent illegible handwriting that will baffle you when it comes to filling the order. The order form is highly versatile. You can even include a “Limited Time Offer” where people can get a 20 percent discount if they order within the next two weeks. You can also include a code on the order to indicate the date you mailed it. For a mailing that went out in May 2019, you could key it 519. That way you know which mailing elicited the response when it comes back to you.

Your order form will either elicit leads or actual orders in a direct mail campaign. Either way, get back to people right away so you don’t lose potential business. Then, plan your next mailing.

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