Moving in the Winter: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Most moves occur during the months of May – September, but sometimes relocating during the colder months of the year is necessary. Moving during the winter months adds many challenges that you won’t face during the summer, but overcoming these obstacles is fairly simple if you’re prepared with the knowledge of a winter move. A few tips for winter moving success is located below.

Flexibility is Key 
Unpredictable winter weather requires flexibility when moving, so be prepared to postpone the move in the event of a hailstorm, a snowstorm, or other adverse weather. Keep an eye on the weather for the week of the move, paying close attention to the weather conditions on moving day to minimize the need to postpone your move.

Allow More Time to Move 
Give yourself extra time when moving and don’t rush. Attempting to rush through the job actually slows you down and during the winter when snow is on the ground and potentially ice, it also causes potential injuries if you slip and fall. There’s also added risk of slippery roads, which makes driving more dangerous. Allow plenty of time to move so rushing isn’t a part of the day.

Prepare the New Home 
Winter weather causes slippery floors and other dangerous situations that you’d otherwise avoid. Shovel snow from the driveway and porch before you arrive with the moving truck, placemats down on the floors in the new home, and take other measures to protect yourself during the winter move.

Pack in Advance 
It is never a good idea to wait until the last minute to protect your belongings, so make sure you start well in advance. Buy boxes from a local moving company and be sure to label each both with the contents inside so you’ll ensure less stress when unpacking at the new location. Start, as far in advance as you can, and make sure you toss out items you won’t need at the new place.

Protect Your Belongings 
Winter temperatures are usually frigid which adds an extra layer of concern for your items, particularly breakables. To ensure they don’t crack due to the cold temperatures, consider double wrapping your items. You’ll need good bubble wrap and other packing supplies to protect your items from the winter temperatures.

Moving is exciting, even in the winter, if you are prepared for the day. Preparing isn’t hard at all. In fact, with the information above put to use on the day of your move, you can enjoy a stress-free move any day of the week, any month of the year. Don’t miss out on the stress-free winter move that you want and use this information to your advantage.

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