We are throwing open the challenge for talented new writers and bloggers to come and join us at AQAEXE.

This is a unique chance for a young person to showcase their talent and become featured in one of America’s fastest growing internet news sites.

Like us, you will breathe current affairs and politics. You will probably already have your own blog and be regularly publishing your own material and sharing it with your followers. Now is the chance for our audience to become your audience!

No previous experience is necessary, as we are just looking to be blown away by the strength of your writing. However, it is likely that you will already be published, be it self-published or maybe even that you already contribute to a publication or a website.

Although we are news junkies, not all our blogs or posts have to be about current affairs. We are happy to look at media reviews too.

So if you have a deep seated opinion about your favorite director’s latest release or want to get something off your chest about the most recent pop video, we are happy to read that too!

The topic you write about it is completely up to you. It could be from the world of sport, maybe an interview with a sporting hero, or a musician.

You could write an opinion piece about something in the news or offer an insight into the world of tech.

We leave it up to you, as we are hoping to find at least four new fresh voices for our upcoming summer newsletters.

Submissions should be ideally between 300 and 500 words long. They should be written in English and submitted in a doc format.

They can be emailed directly to our editor, Malcolm Crane, by using the contact us button at the bottom of the page.

It is not necessary to add any photos to the piece, although we do encourage entrants to use snappy headlines and maybe even a couple of sub headings for longer pieces.

We are looking for writers who can communicate clearly with an audience, in a simple and unfussy way. To increase your chances of success, try to ensure your writing is proofread properly before submitting and that it is free of any spelling and grammar errors.

The best posts will be featured in our July newsletter and the writers will be invited to contribute on a regular basis to our blog.

Good luck!

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