Spring Garden Trends 2019

The garden in your yard doesn’t have to be plain and simple. It can be full of life and color during the spring season. Keep a few of these garden trends for 2019 in mind when you begin planting flowers and adding the details that you want to see when you look out your window or walk through your yard.

A trend that will allow you to get creative with your greenhouse is a kit that you can assemble on your own. You can avoid buying a shed that is already put together and get a kit that you can design any way that you like that will house your ferns, plants, and vegetables. Kits can often be assembled in just a few hours, and you can add any details that you want to make it special, such as flooring that is waterproof or a system for irrigation.

Bright colors will be a garden trend for 2019 that you want to incorporate. Shades of orange, yellow, red, and blue are among the most popular to look for when searching for flowers and other plants. Gardens will also feature a few different textures instead of the smooth petals on flowers and the smooth leaves that you normally see. Aside from bright colors and various textures, you’ll also notice flowers and plants with different shapes. The bleeding heart is an example as it looks like a pink heart with a white and yellow bloom at the bottom.

A garden in a small space is a trend you’ll see as well. You can position everything from ferns to herbs and small flowers in these spaces that are nestled near your home instead of making a large garden that you might not have time to tend to during the day. Container gardens with herbs and vegetables that you’ll use in the kitchen are an option to consider as well. Flowers and plants aren’t the only things that will have structure and beautiful designs. Gardens in 2019 will be designed with beautiful plans in mind as well. A fountain in the center of your garden might be something that you want to consider along with a clearly marked pathway lined with bricks or large rocks.

The spring season is a time for new growth. Tending to your garden and implementing the design that you want can be an enjoyable experience, viewing the fruits of your labor soon after the growing season begins. Plan ahead as much as possible, taking into consideration some of the popular trends for the year with gardens of all sizes.

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