Summer 2019 Hair Trends

It’s time to make a change in your appearance. That change could be in the form of a new hairstyle, but you’re not sure what to choose. Here are a few trending styles for summer 2019 that you might want to take into consideration before going to a salon.

The bob is back, and it’s taking off with a vengeance. This is a look that was once popular in the 1970s. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have revived the style that is now seen among women of all ages. Instead of layers with this style, you’ll notice more of a blunt cut that will be adaptable to more face shapes, allowing more women to pull off this trend.

If you’ve looked at the color of hair lately, then you’ve probably noticed that many women are embracing their gray hairs instead of trying to cover them. Some women are dying their hair gray for more of a natural look. Letting your natural color shine can save you money and results in strands that are healthier since they aren’t covered in chemicals that are used from dyes. If you cut your hair shorter, then your natural color will tend to shine through since the majority of the dye that is on your hair will be removed.

Another trend for the summer season of 2019 is straight hair. This doesn’t mean straight hair with a few waves. It’s super straight hair that resembles the look of someone with a poker face. You won’t see as many curls regarding hairstyles for the year as this phase is just about over. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, then consider investing in a straightener that can help with styling.

Don’t be afraid to put accessories in your hair. This is a year when people will go big and bold with everything from clips to bows. Headbands are a popular trend as well. Accessories are beneficial during the summer months because they can keep strands out of your face, making you feel a bit cooler. Bright colors will be popular among hair accessories as well, including pink, yellow, orange, and blue. Another trend with hair accessories includes jewels that are in a design or that spell a word.

When you’re trying to decide on a hairstyle, look in the mirror to determine what would suit the shape of your face. Your new style should be one that you’re happy with but one that will blend with the styles of other people as well. Consider using an app that allows you to take a picture and change your hair to see what would look best.

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