The Future of Roofing Systems

Roofs have protected our homes since we started building dwellings. They keep the water out when it rains, the heat in during winter, and help hold cooler air in the house during summer time. The future of roofing will see products that last longer with new types of material.

Green Roofs 

Greenery on top of your house can benefit your home in many ways. A properly designed and installed green roof can increase the life of your roof by almost double. It also is a good source of soundproofing. This also works to help cool your house in the summer and save heating costs in the winter. The roof also filters rain water which is good for our water system and the planet. A green roof should become more common in the near future.

Reflective Roofing 

This will help keep cooling cost down tremendously over a darker colored roof. Installing a cool roof will let you save money on air conditioning and keep other areas that have no AC at a cooler temperature. This also reduces roof temperature which should extend the life of the roof. Longer lasting roofs will be part of our future.

Solar Roof Shingles 

Installing shingles that produce electricity is a trend we should see more of in the future. One method uses actual shingles that cover most of the roof to take advantage of solar power. The other method uses a very durable glass shingle that has photovoltaic collectors built into them. This system has a warranty that lasts for the life of your house. More roofs that produce solar power without the use of bulky solar panels should become more available as the price continues to go down.

Steel Roofing 

Metal panels are becoming more common on residential roofs. They have a long life and can be cut at the factory for the lengths that you need. There is also a shingle made of metal that is available in various colors. It is screwed down for a better hold and has the look of a regular shingled roof.

As technology continues to infiltrate the roofing industry, there will be more new materials that could change colors. This could let you use lighter colors in the summer and dark ones in the winter to help the house absorb solar heat. In the future, it’s possible we could grow gardens on our roof with small automated robots to maintain and harvest it.

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