Top 7 Common Causes for Car Wrecks

There are few things in the world that are as horrifying as an impending car crash. The sight of the other vehicle, the screech of brakes and the sound of metal colliding can have an everlasting impact upon those who experience car crashes. But what are the main causes of these horrific incidents? These are the seven most common causes of car accidents; avoid them at all costs!

Driving While Distracted 
Back in the day, changing the radio station used to be the biggest source of distraction for drivers. Now, people have to contend with ignoring texts and all of their other devices while driving—and they’re doing a bad job at it. A whopping one out of four car accidents in the U.S. is caused by texting and driving.

Driving While Intoxicated 
For teenagers, driving while intoxicated is actually a leading cause of death. Whenever one flips on the local news, unfortunately, there are bound to be stories about drunk or drugged drivers hitting innocent people.

Speed limits exist for a reason. When people let their pedals go to the metal, havoc can happen. After all, it’s much harder to slow down or brake once you’ve achieved a high speed.

Rain or Unsavory Weather Conditions 
One of the worst mistakes people make when driving in tough weather conditions is not to adjust their speed. When you are dealing with rain, snow, sleet or ice, you must slow down in order to give yourself time to handle any unexpected situations. Even if you know how to drive in the rain, it does not mean that other drivers are similarly skilled. If it hasn’t rained in your area for a while, the roads will probably be even more slick with oil.

Reckless Driving 
Unfortunately, many drivers do not take their privileges seriously. Whether they’re expressing road rage or racing another car, do not engage with these types of drivers—and put as much distance between you and them as possible.

Red Light Renegades 
When a light turns yellow, it’s not a warning; it’s actually telling you to stop. Too many drivers do not heed the warning, and many innocent people are killed each year due to others running red lights.

Car Defects 
Whenever you hear that your vehicle has been recalled for any reason, it’s important to get it into the dealership so that the appropriate fixes are made. As stringent as car manufacturers are, safety issues can still crop up…and cause crashes. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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